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Introducing Lexia Reading Core5 for home use!  Core5 is an essential component of every reading curriculum that will help students master foundational reading skills.
It is designed for students in preschool through 5th grade.  Older students will use Strategies for Older Students of the original Lexia Reading program. To purchase Lexia Reading for $174.95 for a one year subscription, click here.

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Hello all,

My name is Curtis Green. I am in charge of getting the web site up and going. If you call in and talk to sales, there is a good chance that you have spoken to myself or my wife.

There are still a lot of bugs, typos, etc that I am trying to resolve. So, by all means, if you see anything that doesn't look like it should, please email me or just post a comment.

The Famiy literacy Centers, inc is a non-profit organization. We are setting up Family Literacy Centers all over the USA. One of our main focuses is to make this web site a virtual literacy/learning center. We are able to do things today over the internet that weren't availble just a couple years ago. So, as the technology gets better, the better our services will be.

We are the only organization that can sell Lexia Reading Software to the USA and Canada. Our homepage may look like thats alll that we do. ITS NOT! lol.

The FLC also has developed a comprehensive reading program called the 72 readers. This too, will be availble shortly on the site.

The most exciting thing that we are working on at the moment is our one-on-one tutoring program. We will be using either our certified teachers or certified Family Literacy Centers tutors. The quality will be top-notched! The average price for one-on-one tutoring (in-person) is between 80.00 and 150.00 per hour. There are some web based tutoring that costs thousands of dollars just for a couple of months of tutoring.

Since most of our tutors are willing to donate most of their time, we will be able to offer this great service at a fraction of the normal cost. We are still working out the logistics, but we are trying to keep the cost under $30.00/hr. There will be other factors that will affect the pricing, i.e. how many sessions are purchased. The more that are purchased, the lower the per hour cost.

Please feel free to ask or post any questions.

Thanks again,