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Introducing Lexia Reading Core5 for home use!  Core5 is an essential component of every reading curriculum that will help students master foundational reading skills.
It is designed for students in preschool through 5th grade.  Older students will use Strategies for Older Students of the original Lexia Reading program. To purchase Lexia Reading for $174.95 for a one year subscription, click here.

02. The First Steps To Reading With Ages 5-7

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The purpose of this presentation is to give parents a few tips that will help them teach basic phonics skills to beginning readers (kindergarten through second grade). Examples with specific steps are given to help young readers in pronouncing letter sounds, blending letter sounds together, reading sight words, reading sentences, and finally reading stories. Suggestions for tracking progress are given as well as ways to make repetition fun. The presentation then introduces some other beginning reading skills and shows parents ways to help with practice at home.