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Introducing Lexia Reading Core5 for home use!  Core5 is an essential component of every reading curriculum that will help students master foundational reading skills.
It is designed for students in preschool through 5th grade.  Older students will use Strategies for Older Students of the original Lexia Reading program. To purchase Lexia Reading for $174.95 for a one year subscription, click here.

01. Introduction And Overview

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This video introduces parents to ways they can help strengthen their children at about ages 8 and 9 in the areas of reading and writing, as well as in personal values. Its focus is on children of intermediate reading levels -typically children of average reading ability in third and fourth grades. A reminder that reading must be a part of a family's daily routine is given along with suggestions for limiting TV viewing, making reading material available at home, and giving positive feedback. It then provides an overview of the remaining videos.